April 8th, 2014

A beautiful girl goes to Professor

Double Meaning SMS, by sms4send.

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  • Now Open Your

  • A beautiful girl goes to Professor

  • A beautiful girl goes to Professor cabin
    that i will do anything to pass in the exams
    and professor says
    Books And Study
  • So Sorry

    Over Smart
    At a dance party Boy: will you dance with me?
    Girl: mai bachay ke sath nhi nachti.
    Boy: So Sorry..
    Mujhe pata nhi ke aap pregnant hein.
  • Lovers Went To See-Naughty Jokes

    2 Lovers Went 2 c film
    a mosquito enters into boy’s pent
    n guess Where it bites?
    Naughty mind,
    alWays think bad!
    it bites on . .
    Girl’s hand…
  • Want A Kiss – Misleading SMS Jokes

    Want A KISS
    Plz KISS Me
    Jaldi Koi B Nai Hai
    Foran Karo
    Jaldi Karo Na
    U Know KISS
    S-Send Karo
    KISS Me!!
  • Look at my figure – Misleading SMS jokes

    Diagram in book was not clear..
    So,madam drew diagram on blackboard and announced..
    “Don‘t look at Book Figure, Look at my Figure!“
  • The Beauty of English-Double Meaning SMS

    The beauty of english!
    Have u ever noticed dat deleting 1 word after da other in a sentence can lead 2 a story??
    For example:
    Oh john plz dnt touch me at all!
    Oh john plz dnt touch me at!
    Oh john plz dnt touch me!
    Oh john plz dnt touch!
    Oh john plz dnt!
    Oh john plz!
    Oh john!
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