March 17th, 2014

Airhostess aur Lahori Admi – Funniest SMS Joke 2013 2014

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Airhostess Jokes – Funniest SMS Joke 2014

Airhostess aur Lahori Admi – Funniest SMS Joke 2012 2013

Airhostess aur Lahori Admi SMS Message – Punjabi Funny Joke 2012 2013

Airhostess: Sir Aap Kiya Lain Gay??

Lahori Admi (Akarrtay howe):



Chicken Pakora,

Tandoori Chicken


Naan, Raita and Salad.

Airhostess: Sadqe javaan,

Pressure cooker di tooti warga moun ey tuwada…

Tussi PIA day jahaz tay aaey ho,

Apni pehan de valimay tay nahii….!


Airhostess Funny SMS Jokes

Lahori Jokes 2014

SMS on Lahori Admi

Message In English

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You Could Cry On It When You Are In Pain

You Could Embrace It When You Are Happy

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Airhostess aur Lahori Admi – Funniest SMS Joke 2014

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Airhostess aur Lahori Admi - Funniest SMS Joke 2013 2014, 7.4 out of 10 based on 18 ratings

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