March 17th, 2014

Boys I Love You | Girls Vs Boys Funny SMS 2014

Boys vs Girls SMS, Latest SMS Collection, by sms4send.

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Boys I Love You To Girls | Girls Vs Boys Funny 2014

Boys I Love You Kahin To Girls Ye 6 Answers Ho Saktay Hain

1) No.

2) Sorry Bhai.

3) You Are Just My Friend.

4) I am Engaged.

5) I Love Some One els.

6) I Love You Too (May Be)

Aur Agar Girls I Love You Kahin To Boys K Ye 6 Answers Hon Gay

1) I Love You Too.

2) I Love You Too.

3) I Love You Too.

4) I Love You Too.

5) I Love You Too.

6) I Love You Too.

Oye Kanjroo Apna Koi Standard Bnao. 😀


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Boys I Love You Kahin To Girls | Girls Vs Boys Funny SMS 2014

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Boys I Love You | Girls Vs Boys Funny SMS 2014, 7.8 out of 10 based on 41 ratings

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