June 4th, 2016

How to Fix “This site ahead contains harmful programs” Error in WordPress Site

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How to Fix “This site ahead contains harmful programs” Error in WordPress Site

You observe that Google becomes more aggressive to Website security in couples of months. If you find this error “This site ahead contains harmful programs” in your site the first reason is that your website is hacked. But, it is not necessary only hacked websites shows this error.

As I mentioned earlier, Google safe browsing becomes more aggressive in these days. They also show this error if you are using low-quality ads network. I himself become the victim of this error  “This site ahead contains harmful programs” and I cleared my websites in 24 hours.

Google shows this warning when your website has some malicious codes or redirect towards a site that distributes malware or trojan.

But in my viewpoint, the most common cause is the use of low-quality ads network. These ads network sometimes display those advertisements that contain trojan or malware. In this post, I will tell you an easy way to fix this problem and recover your website.

How to fix to Google Malware Warning?

When Google flag your website harm for users. Your traffic drastically decrease, and organic traffic almost reaches to zero.

The first thing you need to scan your WordPress site and check my post How to scan your WordPress site for hidden malware.

You can also use Google safe browsing tool to analyze your website. Go to below link and change yourdomain.com with your domain name.


after viewing your website is flag by Google the next step is to clean up and remove from Google blacklist.

Before doing anything take the complete backup of your WordPress website. If you have a backup, it is a great thing.

It is not the easy task of removing malware and recover a website. Sometimes, it takes weeks to recover it. Often, after clearing a website the malware may come back again until you do not close the backdoor placed on your site.

Now check all low-quality ads, popup ads, etc. and remove them immediately. Mostly malware warning comes due to these ads. After that, you still need to check your database, themes, and files for malicious codes.

Fix Malware Google WordPress

You can use online services to clean up your website like Scurri. It is online service and monitor your site 24 hours. They check any malicious codes, malware in your website and cleanup.

Scurri is subscription based service. But, it gives you peace of mind and save from frustration.

Removing the Warning by Google Console

After assuring that your website is clean from malware, you can submit the request to Google for removing this warning from your site.

You need to use Google Console (Google Webmaster tools) to submit the request. Go to tools and click on security issues. This page shows the security issues Google may have found on your website.

Now click the checkbox and request a review. They take near 24 hours to review your site if they found no malware on your website they remove the warning.

At last, I hope this post help you to clean up your site from Google blacklist. You may also want to check Cleaning Up Your WordPress Database for Improved Performance.

How to Fix “This site ahead contains harmful programs” Error in WordPress Site

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