June 10th, 2016

LifeTime Sms | Branded Sms in Pakistan

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LifeTime Sms | Branded Sms in Pakistan

Best Alternative of LifeTime Sms in Pakistan | Corporate Sms Service in Pakistan

Sms4Send Business SMS is a Graphical User Interface and Bilingual SMS service that you can access worldwide via the Internet to send prepaid one-way SMS.

It is specially designed to provide web-based SMS services to Enterprises, Companies, Corporate, Educational Institutions and Multinational organizations who have to contact their direct Employees, Students or Customers for regular information updates such as meeting / exam notifications, corporate / lecture announcements‚ business updates, or even alerts to employees in remote locations where corporate emails are not accessible.

Rate: Rs. 0.40/SMS (40Paisa Per SMS)

Setup Fee: Rs. 300 (One Time Fee)

No Expiry Date

Rs. 150/Extra Sender ID (Masking)

Contact: +923157976665

Quantity & Pricing For All Networks in Pakistan Zong, Mobilink, Telenor, UFone and Warid
Quantity: 3000   to   5,000      ||      Pricing: Rs. 0.40 PKR/Per Sms (40Paisa Per Sms)
Quantity: 5000+   to   20,000      ||      Pricing: Rs. 0.35 PKR/Per Sms (35Paisa Per Sms)
Quantity: 20,000+   to   Unlimited      ||      Pricing: Rs. 0.30 PKR/Per Sms (30Paisa Per Sms)

LifeTime SMS Branded Sms

SMS Marketing has emerged as an important marketing factor and it is replacing email marketing with every day passage. Sms4Send.pk comes with Corporate SMS Marketing Solution in Pakistan and offers Branded & Non-Branded SMS services in bulk to its prospective clients. The service focuses for better customer relationships, if you want to spread your voice before crowd in a professional way that can bring more business and can convey what you actually want to deliver. Sms4Send.PK helps you in this regard with professional attitude. We are experienced branded SMS Marketing firm who is already providing SMS Services to brands and also catering Non-Branded bulk SMS campaigns for providing companies number of reputable clients.

In line with the requirements for corporate clientele, EXACT presents By Name Business SMS Services with a view to provide its corporate clients with a state of the art solution for business use. This service allows clients to create and send bulk By Name SMS to their employees & registered customers on one Click from any where any time 24/7.

User can not forward that SMS with your Brand/Company Name. This enables reader to trust the content of your SMS. In other words, we call this “SMS on letter head”. Hence, creates content authenticity of the Message.The Response Rate of Branded SMS is way far better than SMS from ordinary number.

Branded SMS generally Better suits for Commercial or Corporate organizations where Reliability of the content really matters. Second most important reason to use Branded SMS is “its not forwardable”

I.e. if you receive SMS from the “EXACT” and you forward that SMS to someone with or without any change, the SMS will be forwarded from your number instead of From: EXACT.

It is specially designed to provide Business SMS services to Enterprises / Companies / Corporate / Educational Institutions and Multinational organizations who have to contact their direct Employees / Students / Customers/Clients for different information update, e.g. making regular contact with their staff / students‚ sends regular updates on project management‚ meeting / exam notification, corporate / lecture announcements‚ business updates, new product promotion, to their customers’ mobile phones or even alerts to employees at offices or in remote locations where corporate emails are not accessible.

Business SMS allows you to send SMS with a specific Sender ID

(The recipient will see Sender ID instead of any specific mobile number); Depending on your Package Subscribed you can request via online Registration Form to Exact Support team for Creating (SMS ID).


Fixed Sender ID or Brand Name: (Maximum 11 Characters)
Branding “Your BRAND/Company Name”: Use “Sender ID ” to display sender of message as any alphabetical brand or number of choice (up to 11 Characters)
Great broadcasting speed: 20 – 30 sms per sec (only from web panel)
Easy web interface utility: Web portal user login accounts (for all account logins please use Protected Login format as company login ID \login ID & Password Protected).
Password Protected Web Access: Password protected Web access for anywhere convenience
Multi-Language Support – Urdu: Send Unicode messages in Urdu and other languages (maximum 70 characters).
SMS text limit: Send messages to over 160 characters, however, our system supports long sms I,e, upto 740 characters.You can send also 210 characters long Unicode SMS (Urdu etc)
No Hardware/Software required: (Default Branded SMS) to be used for every subscriber account.
Worldwide Access:Send from anywhere any time 24/7 Just One Click.
Saved Messages: You Can Set Pre Define SMS Templates.Not Type Every time same sms.or You Can Edit SMS.
SMPP connectivity: We use SMPP connectivity which is very lightweight, efficient and high performance protocol for sending Large/Bulk SMS messages.
All over the world GSM and CDMA coverage.
Upload the number list from an excel sheet. CSV Format.
Free Phone and Email support.
No hidden costs.
Quick and most effective way to reach your customers, employees and vendors in no time.
Message Broadcast: Send single or group SMS on one Click & Auto Schedule.
Easy to use user interface: Reduce learning curve by using its familiar Email client type look.
Address Book/Phone book: Unlimited Contacts Management (easily Create, Save and upload contacts online or via CSV file.
Multiple Date Source Support: Upload mobile numbers via MS Excel, CSV or XML file formats.
Delivery Report/Read Report: After Sending SMS Status Show Pending After Recipients Read SMS Then Status Show Delivered Otherwise Undelivered/Expired.
History: Searchable broadcast log (Instant, Mass SMS, and Scheduled etc.) history that shows complete Text, Recipient Number, Date & Time of SMS send.
Grouping: Unlimited Recipient’s Groups (each group can have unlimited contacts) Management.
Mass SMS:Option Available for (Bulk SMS) Simply Buy Selected Data & Send for Marketing,Advertising & Promotion Campaigns.
Auto Scheduled SMS: Send SMS on scheduled date and time.A very good feature for bulk sms promotion campaigns.

LifeTime Branded Sms | Branded Sms Service in Pakistan

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LifeTime Sms | Branded Sms in Pakistan, 8.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

SMS4SEND Offer's 1100 Characters SMS Without Registration

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