October 7, 2009


Rihanna has let success go to her head — and her mentor Jay-Z is furious, reports claim.
According to the National Enquirer magazine, the 99 Problems rapper is so fed up with the Umbrella hitmaker’s constant partying, he’s hired a bodyguard to watch over her.
“Jay has invested his heart and soul into transforming Rihanna into a superstar,” a source told the tabloid.
“But she’s been on a downward slide ever since the Chris Brown beating.
“He wants to keep an eye on Rihanna to make sure she doesn’t wind up in trouble. He’s unhappy that she appears to prefer partying to making music.”

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October 7, 2009

Russell Brand

Russell Brand has fallen hard and fast for Katy Perry — he’s reportedly “in love” with the singer!
The British funnyman has apparently told pals he’d give up his womanizing ways for the I Kissed a Girl hitmaker.
“I think I’m in love,” Brand told British newspaper The Sun.
“Russell has fancied Katy for ages and was like an excited schoolboy after they got together,” a source added.
“He really sees her as an ideal catch and is prepared to stop seeing other girls.
“He doesn’t want to talk about it yet as he doesn’t want to blow his chances.”
The source said the pair would soon be making their love affair public. “You will find out very soon,” revealed the insider.
“Katy knows about Russell’s reputation but finds him really charming and funny. She’s keen to make a go of it.”

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Kim Kardashian
October 7, 2009
Kim Kardashian’s famous bottom is causing her some serious problems when she’s out on the street — people constantly come up to her and ask if they can squeeze it!
The reality TV star admits her fans sometimes go a little bit too far.
“There’s constant interest in my bottom! The paparazzi always want ‘butt’ shots — girls come up to me and grab it and people ask to squeeze it,” said Kim. “I sometimes think: ‘Everyone’s got a butt, so why do you care about mine?’”
“I recently lost 6lb and toned up,” Kim added. “My body shape comes from my father’s side of the family – he’s from Armenia, where all the women are voluptuous.
“Thanks to role models like Jennifer Lopez, I’m comfortable with my curves.”
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Jordan: Divorce parties are a great idea
October 7, 2009

Katie Price (pic: Getty)

With just weeks to go until her marriage to Peter Andre is officially over, Jordan is gearing up for a huge divorce party.
The glamour model, 31, plans to throw a huge bash and invite her friends to celebrate the start of her new life.
She told Ok! magazine: “Divorce parties are a great idea.
“Everyone should have one. It’s not about getting back at your ex, it’s about celebrating the fact that you are over your marriage.”
The mum-of-three also laughed off stories that she keeps a shrine to Pete at the Surrey home they shared.
She said: “I pray at it every night apparently.
“The only thing I worship is Alex’s gorgeous body!”

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October 4th, 2009

Bikini Of The Day

No Comments, Bikini Photos, by sms4send.

Bikini Of The Day !

Bailey Harrah
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