Precious Gift of God – Azadi Sms 2015


Independence a Precious gift of God

May We Always Remain Independent Ameen

A Very Happy Independence Day To You


Happy Independence Day To All Visitors & Members

Precious Gift of God – Azadi Sms 2015

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Today we are miles apart

But I wanna reach across the miles

And say I am thinking of you

In a very special way



Independence day is a good time to examine who we are and how we got here.


On Independence Day

Here is wising our dreams of a new tomorrow come true for us




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Our Life Is Full Of Colors – 14 August New Sms

Our life is full of Colors

I hope this 14th August will add more colors to your life.

Happy Independence Day


Some like Sunday, Some like Monday

But, I like one day & that is  Independence Day (14 August).

Really colorful day for Muslims………..

May God Bless All Pakistanies………… & Pakistan.


Enjoy 14 August New Sms and Send 14 August Sms messages to your friend’s mobile.

Colorful Independence Day – 14 August New Sms

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14 August Mubarak Sms4Send

Pakistan’s Independence Day 2015 – 14 August Sms 2015

Other might have forgotten, But never can I

The Flag of my country Furls very high

Pakistan’s Independence Day 2015


Latest Collection Of 14 August Sms 2015


Thousands laid down their lives so that our country is breathing this day

Never forget their sacrifice Happy Independence Day 2015

Happy Independence Day 2015 – 14 August Sms 2015

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