14 August Mubarak Sms4Send

14 August Urdu Sms 2015

آپ سب کو ۱۴ اگست مبارک ہو

Aap sub ko Sms4Send k admin (Muhammad Jawad) ki taraf se advance 14 August Mubarak Ho.


Kisi Nay Sir Kataya Tha
Na Janay Kitno Nay Ghar Lutaya Tha
Ye Din Mushkil Say Ata Hai
Ye Din Mushkil Say Aaya Tha
Salam Beshumaar Azadi K Un Sahidoon Par
Jinhoon Nay Rah-E-Azadi Mein
Apna Khoon Bahaya Tha
Salaam Un Maaon Behno Betiyoon Par
Jinhoon Nay Apnay Muqaddas Anchal Say
Ye Azeem Parcham Bnaya Tha


14 August Mubarak Sms4Send

Umeed karta hon aap sab fit fat hon gay aur intehai khuloos aur jazbay k sath is azeem din ko manaein gay. Aur apnay pyaron ko free mein 14 august k latest sms messages bhejein.

Duaon mein yaad rakheiye ga, Allah Hafiz

14 August Urdu Sms 2015 – اگست مبارک

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August 8th, 2015

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Xtra Special 14 August Mubarak – Azadi Urdu Sms


Wishing You A Wonderful

Super Duper and Zabardast

Xtra Badiya & Xtra Special

Aikdam Mast & Happy

Bolay To Aikdam Jhakas

Happy Independence Day


Azadi-e-Pakistan 14 August 1947


Xtra Special 14 August Mubarak – Azadi Urdu Sms 2015

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14 August Sms 2015

Freedm in the mind

Faith in the words

Pride in our souls

Lets salut the Nation —————- our Inependence Day!

Happy 14 August 2015


Let us celebrate and enjoy the freedom to live

Independently in our country Cheerfully,

Helpfully, Hopefully, Peacefullu by remembering

Our National Heroes who gave us Freedom after suffering pain.


Let every patriot be honored Do not let politics get in the way.

Without them, freedom would have died What they did, we can not repay.

Happy 14 August Day.


Happy Independence Day 2015 – 14 August Sms 2015

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